Artist Statement


"We associate bubbles with that time in our lives when we could look at them - and the world - with excitement and amazement.


Their colours, their short and temporary nature, their light and floaty movements affected by every tiny gust of wind.


And their delicate vulnerability in the face of excited little fingers chasing them to their impending and inevitable doom. 

"So it was my aim to use these symbols of youth to once again change the way we see our everyday world.


It is easy - almost inevitable - to take the beauty of our world for granted as we go about our day-to-day chores.


But when we see something we commonly see - in a manner not usually presented - it can make us stop, think and appreciate.


Its my aim to transport each viewer back to a time when they viewed the world with that sense of limitless optimism.


When our minds were free from everyday modern pollution and possibilities for our futures seemed endless."