The making of a Rob Clayton Real Bubble



All Rob Clayton's Real Bubbles are single-capture photographs of real reflections on real bubbles.


In practice, this means spending endless hours chasing after bubbles with a camera, often in vain, and all the while attracting bemused looks from passers-by.


There are occasions when Rob can spend days taking thousands of pictures, without a single usable Real Bubble image materialising at the end.


But such is the nature of the game, and with more than a pinch of patience, incredible results are possible.



Rob uses a secret formula to mix his bubble solution, and can go through several litres when trying to capture the perfect Real Bubble.


Once an image has been caught, it undergoes a basic edit in post-production to bring out the details and emphasise the colours that already exist within the bubble.


The only image manipulation to take place is to remove Rob from the scene - because of the curved surface of the bubbles, he appears very small in the centre of some - but not all - of the images.